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Discover the Best Saddle Hunting Backpack for Your Next Hunt

by Elevation Equipped

Saddle Hunting Backpack, Hunt Pack, Forester Lumbar 650Top 3 Saddle Hunting Backpacks

Saddle hunting is rapidly becoming a popular method among hunting enthusiasts, giving bowhunters an edge with its blend of stealth, flexibility, and mobility.

But to saddle hunt effectively, you need the right gear, and at the top of that list is a saddle hunting backpack.

We have crafted some of the best saddle hunting backpacks available on the market today.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new bowhunter, our lineup of hunt packs boasts high-quality options designed to meet every hunter’s needs.

To make sure you’re properly equipped for your next saddle hunting sit – read more about our top 3 saddle hunting backpacks below.

Saddle Hunting Backpack, Hunt Pack, Harrier 1600 Day Pack

Harrier 1600 Day Pack

1. Harrier 1500 Day Pack

First on our list is the Harrier 1500 Daypack.

The Harrier 1500 is an ideal companion for saddle hunters who appreciate the balance between storage capacity and compact design.

The backpack features 1500 cubic inches of carrying space, ample for all the essentials without being cumbersome.

Its multi-organizational compartments ensure your gear stays orderly, while the ultra-comfortable shoulder straps and back panel mean you can carry your load comfortably, even on long treks.

We also designed it to work hand-in-hand with our Modular Gear System (MGS).

The integrated MOLLE panels allow you to fully customize your saddle hunting backpack to your needs and preferences.

Saddle Hunting Backpack, Hunt Pack, Forester Lumbar 650

Forester Lumbar 650

2. Forester Lumbar 650

Next up is the Forester Lumbar 650, an excellent choice if you’re looking for a minimalist yet functional saddle hunting backpack.

This low-profile pack is designed to carry your saddle hunting gear comfortably and without the bulk.

With a 650 cubic inch capacity, it might be smaller, but it’s designed for efficiency.

It boasts a dual-directional frame and a highly breathable mesh back panel to ensure maximum comfort.

Plus, the extra attachment points mean you can tailor your gear organization to your specific needs whether you’re in your saddle, or heading to and from the hunt.

Saddle Hunting Backpack, Hunt Pack, Canopy Tri Zip 1200

Canopy Tri-Zip 1200

3. Canopy Tri-Zip 1200

We mustn’t forget the Canopy Tri-Zip 1200.

This pack is a masterclass in design, offering flexibility and functionality to saddle hunters.

Its standout feature is the unique tri-zip design, allowing for quick, easy access to your gear.

With 1200 cubic inches of space, it offers more than enough room for all your essential saddle hunting gear, and the MOLLE panel allows for additional attachment points.

Comfort is king with the Canopy Tri-Zip, as it boasts a ventilated back panel and padded shoulder straps.

Saddle Hunting Backpack, Hunt Pack, Emergent 1800

Emergent 1800

Honorable Mention: Emergent 1800

We’d be remiss to not give an honorable mention to our Emergent 1800.

This pack is a behemoth in the world of saddle hunting backpacks.

It’s the largest in our selection with 1800 cubic inches of space, perfect for hunters who need extra storage.

While it might be a bit more than what the average saddle hunter needs, it is an excellent option for extended trips or those who like to be prepared for any situation.

Saddle Hunting Backpack Recap

In the end, the best saddle-hunting backpack depends on your specific needs and hunting style.

If you need a pack that offers the perfect blend of compactness and storage, the Harrier 1500 is the pack for you.

For minimalists, the Forester Lumbar 650 delivers efficiency and comfort.

Elevation MGS Utility Pouch, Utility Box, and Forester Lumbar 650 Pack

If flexible access to your gear is essential, the Canopy Tri-Zip 1200 is your best bet.

And, for those looking for maximum capacity, the Emergent 1800 won’t disappoint.

The right saddle hunting backpack can make or break your hunt, so choose wisely.

Regardless, all our hunt packs have been meticulously designed with the saddle hunter in mind, offering comfort, durability, and practicality.

So, get your gear in order, select the best saddle-hunting backpack for you, and make your next hunting trip a successful one!

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