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Our Philosophy

We’re driven to create and develop premium products that make others take a second look — maybe even a third.
We’re a team of passionate archery professionals upholding tradition while taking things up a notch.

Process / Design

We painstakingly test our equipment until we get it right. Whether it’s finding the right materials or developing game-changing technologies like Comfort-Tec, we achieve pinnacle performance in the details. Even the subtleties like heavy-duty zippers and molded skid plates pique our interest.

Who We Are

We’re archers with an appetite for advancing our sport. We seek perfection and won’t accept just ordinary. That’s why we created Elevation —
to boost our sport of choice to the next level, to propel our game forward, to stand out. We’re here to elevate your game.

Interested in Joining Our Team?

Kinsey’s family of brands is based out of our Mount Joy location. Check out Kinsey’s career page for all available career openings.

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