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6 Benefits to Utilizing a Quick Release Bow Sling

by Elevation Equipped

Elevation Quick Release Bow Sling, bow sling, compound bow sling

Bow slings are versatile and valuable items in a bowhunter’s toolbox. That is one of the reasons why, with the 2020 expansion of our Elevation Hunt line, we knew a bow sling was an addition we needed to incorporate into our product offering. 

There are different styles of bow slings available on the market, but in keeping with our founding tradition, we wanted to make something that was above the current standard, offered efficiency, convenience, and provided reliable bow protection.

What is a bow sling?

A bow sling, like a gun sling, provides a means of transportation for the bow.  However, because of the mechanical mechanisms of the bow itself, the attachment to the bow is inherently different. 

Bow slings can attach to either the riser of the bow or its limbs. The slings shoulder strap provides the archer with a comfortable and hands-free way to carry the bow.

Bow Sling, Compound Bow Sling

6 Benefits and Features of the Elevation Quick Release Bow Sling


The Elevation Quick Release Bow Sling utilizes a protective and durable neoprene fabric that allows the sling to stretch and conform around the bow’s axle’s and cams.  The expandable nature of the material provides for a snug and secure fit on bows ranging from 28”-38” axle-to-axle.


The Quick Release Sling comes with its own carry pouch with a water-resistant face fabric and drawstring.  The sling compresses to fit within this carry pouch to conveniently store in your hunting pack when it is not in use.  The compact size of the pouch conserves valuable and often limited pack space.


In certain hunting applications, convenience needs to be paired with comfort.  In western settings, a bow sling is a must-have.  On long access routes on remote public lands in the eastern United States, a bow sling makes the walk to the stand much easier. 

The Elevation Quick Release Bow Sling provides hunters with a webbing shoulder strap that is fully adjustable to the hunter’s height.  The strap is equipped with a non-slip neoprene shoulder pad for additional padding and comfort for long walks and all-day spot and stalk style hunts.

Webbing Loops

Reinforced webbing loops on both ends of the Quick Release Bow Sling add an extra element of convenience.  These loops make the installation and removal of the sling quick and easy. 

The bow can also be hung by these loops in temporary storage, and they provide a hunter with a place to attach a pull-up rope for hoisting their bow into their treestand as well.  This eliminates the possibility for cam damage and negates noisy metal-on-metal contact from a carabiner contacting a cam when the bow is lifted.


Whether hunting in the east or out west, the Quick Release Bow Sling provides protection for string components during a stalk or on the way to the treestand.  It helps hunters avoid snags on brush that can damage a string or move a peep sight. 

It also keeps the bows string and cams protected from potentially snagging on under-brush when the bow is being pulled up to a treestand. Slings designed to attach to a bow riser do not offer this same level of protection.

Quick Release

The name proceeds itself. One of the most important features of the Elevation Quick Release Bow Sling is that it provides for incredibly fast bow removal. 

Achieving all of the protective benefits of a string/cam cradle style of bow sling requires that the sling be removed before shooting.  In a spot and stalk situation, this needs to occur rapidly. 

The quick-release design of the bow sling allows hunters to receive the best of both worlds with easy and instant bow removal.  The Quick Release Bow Sling is equipped with an adjustable double-V webbing strap system that is connected via a side release buckle.  The tension on the webbing straps allows the buckle to release with a one-handed operation. 

A quick pull on one of the webbing straps will have the bow free of the sling in a few short seconds.  The webbing system is adjustable and once the sling is reinstalled on the bow and the side release buckle is connected, the straps can be cinched down to secure the leading edge of the sling around the front of the bow’s cams for safe transport and carrying.

Bow Sling Recap

Adding a bow sling to your hunting arsenal creates some significant benefits that can translate to greater success in the field. More convenient and comfortable hunts lead to less physical and mental fatigue, which in turn keeps you in the field longer. 

Highly functional equipment that operates efficiently can lead to more and better shot opportunities.  Whether planning a western hunt, or trekking into the whitetail woods east of the Mississippi, be sure to not overlook the benefits of a quality bow sling. 

Make sure to check out our full Elevation HUNT line for all the Above Standard products that’ll help you elevate your bowhunting.

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