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Advanced Technology

In order to be the best, we dug deep into the details. We use only the highest quality materials and have created ways
to elevate our products to make them superior. Above standard is the standard for Elevation.

Diamond-Lock™ Diamond-Lock™

Our innovative, durable woven fabric is the pinnacle of our design. It’s heat-treated, anti-fray and delivers supreme performance all while rocking tour-worthy appeal. Featured on most all of our products, this proprietary weave far surpasses typical material.

Comfort-Tec™ Comfort-Tec™

Our elevated line of hip quivers feature
Comfort-Tec — our airflow, weight separation technology. The cooling quality and unique padding add comfort and an extra level of durability. Further, what makes this detail stand above the rest, is that it reduces distracting sway and offers perfect balance.

Comfort-Tec Pro™ Comfort-Tec Pro™

An advanced technology used in our elite models of hip quivers and bow cases, Comfort-Tec Pro offers all the features of its predecessor (Comfort-Tec) in a custom, molded Elevation cushion. This added attention to detail takes this weight separation innovation to the next level.

Above Standard Technology

At your level of elevation, there are carbon tubes, fleece lining and vented pockets; zippers always run smoothly and there’s a place for everything.
Every detail is maximized to ensure the highest quality and durability. We’ve found you don’t need magic beans to reach the top.

Altitude Bow Case

Altitude Bow Case

For those who want it all, our flagship model, the Altitude, is equipped with our Diamond-Lock and Comfort-Tec Pro
technologies ensuring a balanced, top-notch performance with a Rolls Royce appeal — and that’s just the outside.
Deep Pile Micro-Raschel Fleece lines the entire interior alloying your bow to sleep like a king.

  1. Heavy-duty Zippers dependable, reinforced closure
  2. Molded Handle grip is important at higher elevations
  3. Skid Plates keep your gear steady and at the ready Skid Plates
  4. Embroidered Logo you're official and it shows Embroidered Logo
  5. Comfort-Tec Shoulder Strap sling it over your shoulder
  6. Molded Arrow & Stabilizer Pocket the perfect home for your gear Molded Arrow & Stabilizer Pocket
  7. Comfort-Tec Pro added comfort while shouldering your bow case Comfort-Tec Pro

Adrenaline Hip Quiver

Adrenaline Hip Quiver

Offering you the highest quality, our Adrenalin line of hip quivers showcase our Diamond-Lock and Comfort-Tec Pro technologies
while taking the innovations to the next level. The Adrenalin is decked-out with aluminum capped, carbon tubing for unmatched durability
and class-leading aesthetics. Multiple accessory pockets keep this bad boy customizable.

  1. 2” Belt Receiver easily accommodates your Pro Shooter’s Belt 2” Belt Receiver
  2. Heavy-duty Zippers dependable, reinforced closure
  3. Rivet Reinforcement strong and sturdy construction
  4. D-Ring conveniently connect your accessories
  5. Accessory Sleeves house your scorecard, pen and kick stand
  6. Embroidered Logo you're official and it shows
  7. Vented Pockets promotes airflow keeping your gear in dry, working condition Vented Pockets
  8. Carbon Tubes w/Polished Aluminum End-caps holster your arrows in the strongest material Carbon Tubes w/Polished Aluminum End-caps

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