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    Jetstream Travel Case Mathews Edition

    We’ve streamlined the world-traveling process with a new, sleeker travel case for those with a tendency for flight.

    Much like its bigger brother, the TCS, the Jetstream™ Mathews® Edition Travel Bow Case features a sturdy exterior shell and is equipped for travel with locking zippers, multiple handles, strategic skid plates and smooth-rolling wheels. It’s capable of housing most bows and it has pockets for all types of accessories. Additional attention is paid to your wardrobe with water-resistant garment compartments and a breathable laundry pocket.  We look forward to seeing where it takes you.

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    Product Details

    • Multiple Lift Points
    • Heavy-Duty Lockable Zippers
    • Heavy-Duty Wheels
    • Bow Tie-Down Locations
    • Dual Bow Capacity
    • Field Mat Included
    • Rigid Steel-Banded Frame
    • Accessory Pockets
    • Customizable Compartments
    • Expandable Garment Storage
    • Breathable Laundry Pocket
    • Integrated Luggage ID
    • Skid Plates
    • 45″ x 14″ Interior
    • 23 lbs. (case only)

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